Enabel Uganda – Moodle local Hosting, server administration and configuration

The training was for ICT managers and Moodle administrators of the five National Teacher;s Colleges (NTCs) in Uganda. The ICT managers were trained on more advanced features of Moodle LMS. Because there was a need to further strengthen the capacity of IT managers on Moodle site administration, pilot the local hosting of Moodle sites on the college servers for sustainability purposes. The ICT training took place at NTC Kabale for the pilot of local Moodle hosting, server administration and maintenance.

The following was covered:

  • Cloud Vs. Local hosting
  • Local Server installation
  • Local Server administration
  • Moodle Installation
  • Theme installation and Setup
  • Advanced Moodle site admin
  • Content management
  • End of year operations
  • Server Backup setup & Management