E-Learning Systems Setup and Customization

We set up and adapt learning management systems (LMS), which are web-based tools for organizing and carrying out specific learning processes. Basically, the learning management system offers an interface through which a teacher can upload or create content, interact with students, assess them, and give feedback. On the other end, the LMS can give students tools to interact with other students, such as discussion boards, chat rooms, forums, and features like video conferencing.

Many organizations, including higher education institutions looking to expand or improve on their traditional teaching techniques and corporations hoping to gain from the process of onboarding new employees by providing learning resources, use LMS technologies.

Moodle, Blackboard Learn, and Schoology are a few of the common LMSs utilized by educational institutions. The enterprise LMS include eFront, Adobe Captivate Prime, iSpring Learn, Docebo LMS, and TalentLMS.

Installation and modification of learning management systems based on Moodle are our areas of expertise. Depending on various aspects including expected traffic, student enrollment, special requirements, and client estimates for the future, we may provide full service from advising on which cloud service to employ.

We are knowledgeable with installing and managing Linux systems, managing databases, installing and customizing Moodle applications, and providing training for both novice and experienced Moodle users.