E-Learning Investment Advisory

We offer e-learning advice to clients who want to know what to do before investing money in any e-learning service. Remember that e-learning is more than just technology; merely installing a server and an eLearning system does not constitute eLearning.

E-learning is a comprehensive solution that encompasses our most precious asset (people), their mindset and attitude, as well as the regulatory environment that influences the decision to pursue E-Learning.

E-learning can take several forms, including completely online learning, blended learning (both physical and online), and offline e-learning, in which all information is recorded and transferred to a storage device that learners can access and interact with without needing to connect to the internet.

We have dealt with the needs, technology, people, and applications required to launch an e-learning service within your organization. There are several Open Source Applications and Off the Shelf Applications on the market that make decision making difficult and introduce a great deal of uncertainty.

Contact us and tell us what you’d want us to do to assist you make better investing decisions and get more value for your money.